At Rise Academy of Dance, we offer a variety of class styles and levels for dancers of every age and ability level.  Whether you have a little one that's just starting off in our First Steps class, or a seasoned dancer that is interested in a  more regimented training program and competitions, there is something for everyone. 
Check out our Class Descriptions below to see what we offer!

First Steps, Me and You (1.5-2.5 years) 30 minutes
This is the perfect class for our youngest dancers. In this class, parents help their toddlers move to the rhythm of the music. It focuses on developing children’s gross motor skills in a fun, nurturing environment. Ballet and Tap shoes will be required.

Tiny Dancers (2.5-3.5 years) 30 minutes
Taught as an extension of our First Steps class, without a parent or guardian in the room. Students continue to develop their gross motor skills while learning independence and classroom etiquette as well. Ballet and Tap shoes are required.
Creative Movement I (3-4 years ) & Creative Movement II (4-5 years) 1 hour

This is a great introductory class for your young dancer interested in ballet and tap. It fosters a love for movement in a structured environment. In this class, we work on basic dance skills, coordination, and rhythm through the use of music, imagery and props. Learning these skills in a fun and entertaining fashion will establish an early appreciation for dance.

Hip Hop Kidz (4-5 yrs) 1 hour

This high-energy class teaches coordination, rhythm and personal style to your young dancer. Set to kid-friendly hip hop music, students will learn basic body isolations, break dance skills, sequential memorization and musicality.


Dance Fusion Ballet/Tap (5-6 yrs) & Dance Fusion Ballet/Jazz (5-6 yrs) 1 hour

Our dance fusion classes focus on the development of skills in a variety of dance styles. Exposure to multiple dance forms helps stimulate and maintain a students’ interest, while also creating a well-rounded dancer. Correct vocabulary, proper alignment and execution of movement, and sequential memorization will be emphasized.


Tiny Pom (4-5 years/5-6 years), Mini Pom (6-9 years), & Jr. Pom (8-10 years) 1 hour
Our Pom classes introduce basic jazz technique, while also incorporating the fundamentals of PomPon dance. Each class begins with a warm-up, stretching and conditioning, and across the floor exercises to improve turns, kicks, and leaps. At the end of class, students will learn an upbeat routine using precise, visual arm movements with the Poms.
*This class does not include any gymnastics or tumbling technique.
Ballet 1 hour

We believe that ballet offers a strong foundation for every other dance form.  These classes are structured around classical ballet training and therefore require a strong focus on technique. Exercises at both the barre and center floor will build strength, flexibility, proper alignment, balance and coordination in our students.  Musicality and artistic expression will also be encouraged. 


We ask that all of our ballet dancers come to class dressed to impress. Ballet is a dance style that requires an extreme amount of discipline, and adhering to the dress code will encourage the students to maintain the structure that is necessary for a professional ballet education.   


Jazz 1 hour

Jazz is a high-energy dance style, set to contemporary music, which combines elements of classical ballet and modern dance. There are a variety of jazz styles, including Broadway Jazz, Contemporary Jazz and Lyrical Jazz. Classes focus on body isolations, rhythmic accuracy, and sequential memorization, as well as building muscular strength and improving flexibility. Students will learn turns, leaps, jumps and other tricks.


Tap 1 hour

Tap is a popular dance form that requires the dancer to create rhythms with the metal taps on his/her heels and toes. Classes focus on creating rhythms through percussive movement of one’s own body. Proper tap technique will be taught as well as musicality, muscle control and coordination.


Lyrical 1 hour

Lyrical is a combination of a variety of dance styles- ballet, jazz, modern and contemporary dance. It focuses on interpreting music through emotional expression while combining the technical elements of these dance forms.

Hip Hop 1 hour

This high-energy class teaches coordination, rhythm, strength, and personal style. Set to popular hip-hop music, students will learn basic body isolations, break dance skills, sequential memorization, and musicality.

Contemporary 1 hour

A fusion of classical ballet, modern and jazz dance, Contemporary relies on the strong, controlled legwork of Ballet, the isolations and emotions of Jazz, and the unpredictable change in rhythm, speed and movement sequencing characteristic in modern dance. Improvisation and personal interpretation are also highly encouraged.

Technique & Conditioning 1 hour

This class focuses primarily on building strength, increasing flexibility, and improving on the technical elements of ballet and jazz dance.  It is a great addition for a dancer that wants to further improve their jumps, leaps, turns, and overall dance endurance.

*There is no recital routine associated with this class.

Adult Barre & Stretch (18+) 1 hour                                                     A beginning/intermediate level class for adults.  Using ballet barre technique, theraband resistance training, stretch techniques and dance cardio, this class will help you strengthen, tone and increase flexibility. 

Dance Team Prep 1 hour

For dancers looking to improve their chances of making their high school, all-star, collegiate or professional dance teams. Classes will not only focus on technical elements such as turns, leaps and jumps, but on performance quality, quick choreography retention, physical fitness, and audition techniques.

Private Lessons

One-on-one lessons tailored to your desired dance needs. Available to anyone looking to improve their technique, build strength and flexibility, and improve their physical fitness.